Friday, September 12, 2008

Beautiful Things Happen!

Niko's new teacher called last night. We were all supposed to send in pictures of our families to school, and she called to say that when she showed Niko's pictures, he became extremely exited and proud. She said that she knew he wouldn't be able to tell me, but that she thought I'd want to know. You know what? I did want to know! And taking the time to call and tell me was exceptional on her part.

I received a strange, blocky letter with no return address. When I opened it, I nearly cried. Somebody had mailed back my driver's license, credit cards, Barnes and Noble membership card and the Jo Ann Fabric coupon that had been in my wallet.

The On The Premises and CoolStuff4Writers' stories are both up now. The OTP entry is one that I especially liked. Luke laughed and said, "Oh my gosh," but I was in my female serial killer phase right then.


Ketchesons said...

This is one happy entry. How sweet of the teacher, how nice to know that people can choose to be kind.
Congratulations to you for a happy day!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

I'm just beaming for you!

Nordstrom's said...

You should have a log book that goes back and forth from school to home. Then the teachers/aides can write in it when things like this happens and you can write about things that happens at home. We use a log book with our son who has autism, it's nice to know what happens at school.

Amy said...

A thief with a conscious? Now go use that coupon before you lose it!