Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Bad news first, then it's out of the way. I was reading the requirements for the MFA here, and it needs you to spend some time abroad. Six credits worth of time, however long that is, going to school there and speaking the language. And I'm thinking, "Not bloody likely!" Shall I ask Luke to can his job and pack up our children? Shall I jaunt off alone to a foreign country? Who is this program tailored for, anyway? Rich single people? I took three years of French, and thanks to Luke, we're exposed to Russian on a daily basis. We read culturally diverse stories to our children, and I feel that I have traveled extensively. I'm going to write and ask if previous experience qualifies. We lived in Helsinki, for crying out loud! I can lead them around Jakomaki on the bus. Shouldn't that count? I hope so. It's worth asking.

On a side note, I realize that I'm less likely to take no for an answer than I was before. I'm happy about this.

So the good news! My pixie story was accepted for next month's issue of Reflections Edge. It's one that I'm fond of, and really enjoyed writing. I hope some of you get a chance to read it, if you so desire. Some of you will recognize one of the characters, namely the shark. He sleeps on our bed every night. He's bigger than my husband, but it all works out.


Andrea, Mrs. said...

I hope it works out too. You deserve something cool like that.

And I want to read your story!

Tes said...

Damn I am totally out of the loop on all your posts! such a busy bee you are. Congrats and I am ready to read. Helsinki, bus tours that should count for somethin'

Amy said...

It never hurts to ask! You would be an asset to the program, I am sure. They need you, the literary world needs you! I have not heard of a grad program (I am mostly familiar with my program and MFA's in the visual art) that requires 6 credit hours abroad. Very strange.
Good luck,

Janyece said...

Yea for big sharks and good stories! As for the bad news, like you said, maybe it won't be bad news after all and they'll accept what you've done. I'll cross my fingers!