Friday, September 05, 2008


So the assistant superintendent called back today. She interviewed the two teachers who saw Niko's abuse. Or supposedly saw Niko's abuse. One teacher said that she didn't see anything, which is NOT what she said before. The second said that Niko was screaming (and many are familiar with the Williams meltdown, aren't we?) and his teacher grabbed him roughly by the arm and sat him down in his chair, end of story. She said she reported it to the principal, who took care of it at the time by coming into the room often. Which is NOT what she told me on the phone, in fact, she told me the opposite. Not to mention that she felt inclined to bring it up again over a year later.

The assistant superintendent politely asked if I was satisfied. Yes, I'm as satisfied as I'm going to be. I'm angry, though. And tired. The school's aware that something possibly went on, and somebody somewhere is lying. Who, exactly? I don't know. Whoever would be heartless enough to lie about the possible abuse of a little boy.

That's not my problem, though. Officially, I'm "satisfied". I don't know what really happened, and I most likely never will. I mourn the bridges that were burnt, but I acted as carefully and correctly as I knew how. I learned a lot through this process, and perhaps this whole rigmarole is information that somebody needs someday. That's the whole reason that I started this blog in the first place, years ago. In case somebody needed it.

This phone call today, the fact that it's been investigated and is now over, this should be good news to me. Instead I find myself sitting here and trying to remember how much optimism and faith I have in humanity.


The Pitchforths said...

I couldn't bear the thought of someone abusing Brynlee. It's hard enough when I yell at her, let alone someone else roughly touching her. I would rather home school her than not be able to trust the school system. I am so lucky here in Ferron! Although I do not think that "I" will ever be happy here, I know that it is the best place for Brynnie. She is a celebrity here in town and I love it! We went to Peach Days today and were in the Parade for Cole's mom, she's running for county comissioner, and everyone yells at Bryn. I love it! She's my angel! It's amazing that something can make you so crazy but also keep you so grounded. Hhmm.

Tara said...

My heart aches for you and your family. I just can't imagine what I would do if someone abused Payton. I know it will take a long time for your heart to heal and then you probably wonder if you will ever be able to trust the school system again. Thank you for blogging about this and sharing your experience and heartache with us.

Andrea, Mrs. said... still am in awe at how amazing you are. I want to be like you.

And - I'm also still angry about how it has all turned out too. Deep breaths...right?

Janyece said...

I'm glad you're "satisfied". You've done all you could do and more than most would and it was for Niko. The important thing now is that he's some place safe and I guess you just try not to think about who's doing all the lying. The Lord will sort that part out someday.

Tes said...

Satisfaction my friend.
Don't look for humanity, be humanity, in all your glory.