Monday, September 29, 2008

A Shameless Plug for My Friend

I wrote this serviceable but not fantastic horror piece for a contest, and I was very proud of myself for completing and submitting it. Anyway, I get this email saying that it didn't place in the contest, but they would still like to run the piece, and of course I was very excited, right? Wait, it gets better. So a few minutes later I open an email from my best writer friend Dawn, and what's this?! SHE is the first place winner of the contest, and gets goodies and fame and fortune! I cannot tell you how excited and pleased I am for her! That girl is a writing maniac, and the whole reason that I have so many pieces out right now is because we galvanize/egg each other on. She's also coming out in the Northern Haunts anthology whenever that's published. My friend Dawn Allison. Horror writer. Keep an eye out because you'll see her again, and can be all, "I heard of her back in the day."

Anyway! The most exciting part to me is that she and I will be published in the same online issue of a magazine! I think that's a very sweet success. I'll link when it's out. :)

Switching subjects, we're waiting for Niko's bus, and Niko has really been spending a lot of time at the piano lately. He's never exhibited the stereotypical Williams savant music skills, but he's really been playing some beautiful chords on the piano and keyboard. He played up and down, stopping at the octaves, which amazed me. I heard him last night and thought it was Luke playing.


Ketchesons said...

Way to GO!
I will be patiently waiting for the link!
-Dave is reading behind my back and telling me "I'm just glad they can't listen my horrible piano playing anymore, I'm sure Niko is better than me now"
Hahahaha, he is so funny!

Dawn said...

Yay for us!! If they sold ribbon at
Barnes and Noble...nah. I still wouldn't. I'm NOT an enabler!

Janyece said...

More great news! I would love to hear Niko play!

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Can't wait to see the link! Good to read such wonderful news.

Agnes Minerva said...

Ooh, she's got such a great writer name, too - Dawn Allison. As in, "I just read the new Dawn Allison." Hurrah for both of you!

Catherine J Gardner said...

Congratulations to you both.

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Woohoo! That is wonderful!

And - that's awesome about Niko. :-D