Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When Niko saw me from the bus today, he jumped up and down, flipped his hands, and grinned. That's why I like being a mom. He did some good hooting and "uh-uh"ing on the phone to Luke today, some of the best phone convo that I've heard. I have much hope for this little boy. Nina thinks that he hung the moon, and always wants to be wherever he is. They're so lovely.

And Mr. Poetry Magazine took me back! My poem will be published in Kill Poet sometime in the near future. Today is quite a sparkly day.


Andrea, Mrs. said...

I can see the reflections of all the sparkles up here in Utah. Indeed - good things.

Janyece said...

that is such great news! Yea for happy endings! (Or beginnings in this case!)