Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Think I'm Crazy.

The kids were in fine form today at church. They bucked, screamed, and Niko headbutted Luke in the face a good one. He bloodied my nose doing that the other day, and we're trying to A) move quicker and B) break him of this new, disturbing habit. It's not just us, either. You can tell our friends because they're the ones shouting "My face, my beautiful face!"

I'm seriously thinking of getting my MFA. Crazy, right? How are we going to work that out? Financially, with babysitting, with the whole application process. I'm scared of the GRE. I'm scared of tracking down old professors and begging letters of recommendation from them. I graduated college eight years ago. This is insane. And yet it makes my heart pound. There's a creative writing program here in the city. Part of me says, "Do I dare?"

The other part says, "Oh, yeah. You dare."


Katie Aldrich said...

If that's what you decide is right for you, I have no doubt whatsoever that you can do it! Just yesterday I read that President Monson got his MBA while he was an apostle...pretty amazing. And you are no less amazing than he:).

Andrea, Mrs. said...

You totally dare. And you're going to be incredible. :-D

Amy said...

Go for it! Expand your mind, and er, your debts. I will be worth of the best things I ever did for myself.

Laura Oler said...

I love how you have dreams, and then you go for them. I wish I could be a little more like that. You're inspiring!

xmolder said...

I say you dare, too.

Get on IRC tonight if you get a chance, I'll be offline for a month or more.