Thursday, December 04, 2008

Leave Us Be in Our Bright Red Pajamas!

Niko has a lot of his mama in him, and abhors the early morning. Curse you, sun. Curse you.

Nina started taking a few steps the other day. Her coupe de grace was when she tottered from the couch all the way to the TV and turned the sucker back on. Nobody was going to shut off her Judge Judy. Nobody.

We're kind of at a temporary standstill with Niko's school. They requested his immunizations record again, and I sent it in. I received a phone call today saying that he was missing one shot, and wouldn't be able to go back to school until he's had it. This is after yesterday's note saying that he's missed five days this school year, and if he misses 20 days total, he has to repeat his current grade. Can they make somebody repeat special ed kindergarten??? Anyway, I'm upset because his immunizations are all current, and it must be a paperwork glitch, which we are oh so familiar with. The nurse is going to call the health center and see what needs to be done. So we were chastised because he's missing school, yet we can't bring him back due to yet another glitch. Annoying, yes. Is it a big deal in the scheme of things? No. We're still good.

I'm doing a short reading at my writing group's Christmas party this weekend. I'll read a short excerpt of RunStarGirl in front of a bunch of published and unpublished writers. I think it'll be fun, and I'm looking forward to it. :)


Inkpot said...

Curse the sun! Hee hee. I'm a bit of a vampire myself. That is really annoying about the school. Good luck sorting it out. That's brilliant about your reading! It is very exciting! I hope it goes really well and you have a fun time. :)

Nancy said...

Oh sheesh, the immunization thing happens to us all the dang time. Hang in there! If we ran the world...well, we don't, but things would rock.

Katie Aldrich said...

Wait- what do all those nutso parents who don't immunize their kids do? Homeschool? That is so annoying, and I feel your pain. I think it's ridiculous when the boys' school calls me to tell me they have an unexcused absence. Do they think a kindergartner and first grader skipped class to go to the mall or something? Give me a break, they're my kids and I'll keep them home when I darn well please!