Friday, December 05, 2008

So I'm Happy Today

Luke was off work, and I realized that I miss him. We ordered a dishwasher that hopefully won't smell like melted plastic (while melting everything plastic) and a stove that A) won't spontaneously burst into flame and B) tells the correct temperature. "I think it's around 350 degrees...ish." Thanks John and Pam! Hooray!

I wrapped presents. Niko was in a good mood and ate an entire apple. Before I could even salvage the core, it was gone, and I couldn't pry it from his cheerful mouth. Nina pushed her stroller around until she was happily exhausted. We were productive and enjoyed each other's company. Tomorrow will be absolutely insane, starting with The Great Santa Run, so expect pictures later.

Things are going well on the writing front. Most of you know that I'm not an optimist by nature, but I really try to work at it. Today things kind of fell in place, and I am quite hopeful for the future. I talk about it at Also, if you ever had the burning desire to see what I looked like as a little girl, I posted a picture. Even then I was pleased with my ill-gotten gains.


Janyece said...

Could you come wrap the gifts at my house? Yours look beautiful!!

I so love hearing about your happy moments. It makes me just want to scoop Nina and Niko up in my arms and give them great big hugs!

Yea for new appliances!!!!

Jeff and Ali said...

Um, I haven't seen the Santa Run pictures yet... I guess I didn't realize it was coming up. Hope it was fun. I have never thanked you for coming and staying with us. It totally made my holiday. Glad you having a good day! We'll see you soon!