Saturday, December 20, 2008

We're Christmasing!

Finally. And it's all thanks to Luke, who put up the village last night (we get him a new piece every year for our anniversary. We've been married eight years now, yay!) and is putting up the outside Christmas lights as I type. Hooray! Which will make us the third house to do so in our little neighborhood, because we're apparently a bunch of grinches. Even the mysterious festive note taped to the communal mailbox ("Let's all hang lights on our house because it will be fun!") didn't move anybody. It just made us arch a brow and try to figure out who was stalking our box.

It doesn't feel like Christmas. It feels like work. It feels like stress, and it doesn't have anything to do with the holidays. It has to do with life and all that jazz. It has to do with Grinchy McGrinchersons everywhere. Here's my solution to it: if you're going to be crabby, people, just stay home. :)

That said, things are going swimmingly on our front. Niko is obsessed with my video game, the labels inside of our jeans, and locking the front door. Nina has become a flasher, and I'm trying to instill in her the idea that "Modest is Hottest!" but it's not working. She's cracking me up. Luke is cheery despite old man stiffness, or whatever it was that befell him, and I'm exhausted to the point where I was slurring on the phone. (Sorry, Jan!) But writing is going well, and I'm happy. I kind of felt out where I want to send RunStarGirl, and I really enjoyed the people that were involved with that particular press. For one thing, they understood my references, and that's gold. As always, more about that at
here!!! It's fueling my confidence.


Janyece said...

You're lucky I translate slur! I do have two little boys after all! ;)

Tes said...

The language of slur, yes i know it very well. I had to kick my grinchy self to the curb and put up the tree and lights. Of course I had to use my really pointed high heels but it was worth it. I hope you enjoyed your snow!