Saturday, May 21, 2005

High Alert

Journal Entry, July 21, 2004

I'm on bed. I'm not in bed, snuggled up like a cozy little Salvation-colored paisly, and I'm in no way, I'm perched atop my bed warily, a bundle of nerves. No, that's not right--more like I'm on high alert. I'm always on high alert, ready to F-L-I-N-G back my covers in a flurry and zip with all haste to the phone, the door, to start the dishwasher so the bottles will be done by the time Niko wakes up, or whatever.

So Niko really only had the IV for four hours, and then we were out of there. The dialysis floor is kind of an IV catch-all, and that's why we were there. The little boy getting actual dialysis next to us vomited over and over and over-- what a change in lifestyle, if Niko really did have Chronic Renal Insufficiency. How blessed we are that our wonderful little boy is A-OK!!!

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