Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hopeful Hospitalization

Journal Entry Friday, May 14, 2004

Yesterday I got a call from the nephrologist. They found a medication to help reduce his calcium and fuse it into his bones where it belongs. It's an IV...could I be here in two hours? Yes! I could! So we packed up and came. Yesterday he had the IV for two hours, stayed overnight (I camped out on the pull-out couch) and today he had it for four hours. The 6:00 AM blood tests said his calcium was even higher, but the doctor said it wasn't much higher, and she expected it to take a day or two to work. So now we've been here 28 hours and we're just waiting for the dietician to run us a container of Calci-lo formula to last us through the weekend. We're still trying to find someplace to supply us with this formula longterm. Otherwise we're defeating the purpose, pumping MILK into my over-calcified little boy.

I got a great letter from my aunt...it was wonderful. Mom and Dad really want to come up, and so does Luke's mom. We might take her up on it.

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