Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Journal Entry May 20, 2004

I took Niko to nephrology and held him out in my arms like a sacrifice. "Forget everything we were going to talk about," I said. "Look at him! He's lost a pound since last week! 18 pounds! Something is very wrong!" My concern was the constant throwing up and his refusal to take any food whatsoever. Another switch to the formula, a much more concentrated amount, and somehow he's doing better.

"Somehow" includes a lot of prayers...that were answered. We were scheduled to go into Admitting today for another two day hospitalization for the IV, and we did some labs first. His creatnine had dropped to 1.7. His calcium had dropped to .9. The doctor let us go. "Enjoy the sunshine," she said, and smiled, and Niko and I skipped out of the hospital. Considering his condition on Tuesday, truly a miracle.

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