Saturday, May 21, 2005

Roasting on a Spit

Journal Entry, July 19, 2004

This week has been all kinds of busy! Something going on every single day, all day appointments, etc. etc. We took Niko to get his upper GI done, and it was pretty traumatic. They actually strapped him to a board with his arms strapped over his head, so they could get an unobstructed picture, and force fed him Barium. (I thought, "There goes all of his eating therapy!" and the sheer prissiness of that thought cheered me up some.) Then they slid the board into the machine and had to rotate him around to get shots of was completely like he was cooking on a spit. Poor kid. He came completely undone, which surprised none of us. He had a fever a couple of days ago, and lots of vomiting. But his calcium's up again and he's going in for it tomorrow. I guess they'll give it to him a different way, so it only takes one day, not two. I'm supposed to take him to the dialysis floor. I'm a little nervous, but most things don't seem to turn out quite as badly as I fear, so we'll see.

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