Saturday, May 21, 2005


Journal Entry, June 21, 2004

Tomorrow our Enrichment is on Journaling, and guess who gets to teach a small segment on it? I'm excited. My focus is going to be on writing for yourself. How it's a free place to say whatever you want, no rules of etiquette apply. We're covering notebooks and doing some writing exercises. I can hardly wait, actually. I use writing to process and find peace. By going off on a writing tangent, I see what I'm really thinking, and allow myself to explore those thoughts. I remember hearing once that writer's write to find out what their current obsessions are, and I believe it.

Meanwhile, it's still very hot and we're all suffering. Marilyn and I took Niko with us on our walk yesterday, when it was finally cooler outside than it was in our house. He was the pantless wonder, and all of us were very jealous.

The greatest thing, these last two days, is that Niko has been cracking up. First on my lap in church playing with a piece of curled ribbon. "Huh huh HUH," He booms. It's shockingly hardy. For maybe five minutes, he just laughed and laughed, and everybody smiled and looked at him. We were laughing, too. Tonight Luke shook his little truck with the marbles inside of it, and we heard that "Heh Ha Huh!" that makes my head whip in his direction, searching for the cause of his distress. "I hope he doesn't always laugh like this!" Luke says, and we're giggling again, shaking that truck even harder. Utterly delightful.

Tomorrow Niko sees Gastroenderolgy for the first time, to hopefully get a clue about his vomiting. He's taking Zantac right now, which seems to be helping. (Also Propranolol, Nieflex and an ear infection antibiotic, but who's counting?) What a good, sweet, beautiful, boy. I'm, so proud of him.

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