Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Piano, Part II

Journal Entry, June 30, 2004

We had six guys show up to move our piano, and it was nestled in our living room about 15 minutes after they pulled it off of the truck. Wonderful! It's scratched and out of tune, but I love it dearly, and have already logged in hours of playing time. Niko seems to love it. It's fantastic!

I was thinking about how my life never seems like it accomplishes much. Everything I do needs to be redone, over and over. Wash the dishes AGAIN, clean the counter AGAIN, give Niko his medicine AGAIN. I need to get a project that actually gets accomplished and stays that way! Draw a line through it and cavort around! Done Done Done, ha ha ha! See, I haven't actually accomplished anything yet, but the excitement is infectious!

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