Friday, May 02, 2008

A Copy of Today's Mass Email

Hey, everybody! I just wanted to let all of you know that Niko turned five years old yesterday. Luke outdid himself with a washer and dryer cake (Yep, his cakes just get more and more grand) and Niko had a party starting at 7:00. I heard it was great, and that they even took a few pictures, but we missed out because Niko broke his leg while jumping on the trampoline. Right, the same trampoline that he spends hours jumping on every day! Apparently he just landed funny on the canvas, not on the springs or bar or anything. I heard him and walked outside to see our friend running to us with Niko in his arms, and Niko's leg was obviously broken. We had a brief comedy of errors running to the car, but made it to the emergency room in under ten minutes. Go us!

He broke his tibia and fibula right above his ankle, and it didn't realign as well as the doctors had hoped. We have an appointment on Monday with the orthopedic surgeon, and they'll most likely have to do surgery to pin his bones. We have x-rays for those who want to see them. But Niko's all right, and is watching Cookie Monster as we speak. He's such a good boy. Nina is having a grand ole time without Niko interfering in her fun. Big brothers can be such a drag sometimes.

Anyway, prayers would be appreciated. Niko is not the kind to lie flat on his back, so we're going to have a struggle on our hands. For those who are wondering, the 5k is off, and Boise is still in the air. I may or may not be out of town, depending on what the surgeon says. Anyway, we're well and Niko is drugged and contented. Good spirits here. Thanks!


Andrea said...

Whoah! That is a yucky break. :-(

Tes said...

No trampoline before the party, got it. Since he is content at least have a margarita to reward yourself for a ER trip under 10 minutes! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. sweet boy.
lila's mommy

Laura said...

Oh, how awful...for both of you!
Sending good thoughts and hopes that he chooses this time to be still and heal.

Katie said...

Oh no!
Thats a horrible break :(
Niko is in my prayers, what an awful birthday present. Good luck with the surgeon.