Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did I Mention That I Hate This City?

So I'm currently on hold with the bank. Although my cards were reported as lost or stolen on Thursday, somebody has managed to put more charges on them. A woman from my hometown called me regarding them. "Gol, Sade, I can see that your cards were reported as lost or stolen. I don't know how this got through!" Thank goodness she called. I am all kinds of mad, but that's another story for another time.

See how calm I am? This is me being calm.

I'd love to shove my wallet into their mouths and make them choke on it.


Tes & John said...

Personally I hope it is a large thick wallet, so they can gag appropriately. Scum.
Lila's mommy

Janyece said...

Are you sure you want to wait to move?? Okay, to be fair, moving's not always the answer, but man, I'd be dreaming of it if I were you! on the bright side, we get to hang out soon! I can't wait!!

Katie Aldrich said...

I am with you girl. My purse got stolen on the way home from the temple the other day. I didn't notice it until the next day, and then I realized that it had my house and car keys, wallet, phone and journal from the entire last year in it! We had to change our locks- luckily we live next door to a police man who parks his patrol car our front. I haven't even tried to deal with the credit and debit stuff yet, other than cancelling them...any advice?:) I'm glad I'm not alone, although not glad that you had to go through this hassle too...I hope it works out!