Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Question for the Williams Moms

Which is what I call you in my mind. The Williams Moms.

One of the most exasperating things about Niko being flat on his back is that he always SHOWED me what he needed. If he wanted peanut butter toast, he...well, I was going to say that he got the makings of peanut butter toast. But in actuality he would brandish a butter knife at me, and I knew that's what he wanted. Now he points vaguely in a direction and I'm all, "Would you like me to start the dryer? Would you like to see the newspaper? Please, for the love of humanity, start talking!!!"

When did your kids learn to talk? Five seems so late. I know that everything runs on its own timeline, but...but. That's all I have to say. But.

I believe he'll talk one day. He didn't learn to crawl until he was two, and we were so worried about it. And now that worry is just a memory for us. I'm hoping this will be the same way.



Nancy said...

Erik is SLOWLY learning to talk. He is a little ahead of the game in Willy World, though. He's 3 and can express himself well but doesn't show me jack like Niko does. He just gets pissed. Sounds like they both communicate in their own way.

P.S. Erik has a Cajun accent. What the --?

Janyece said...

Hey, Niko was communicating well over the phone today. He may well talk some day. He sure makes a lot of noise when he's excited and he loves to sing! He's such a sweetheart! Give him and Nina hugs from me.

Love ya,

Oh and I'll be in CD the 12 of Jul to Aug 2nd. I keep forgetting to tell you! Or maybe I did tell you and lack of sleep is just fogging my brain. Either way, there it is!

Kati said...

Szabi is 3 and has only REALLY few words: mom, dad, no and animal sounds..... And yes, he is just like your son, he is pointing, showing, acting... and I ask the same questions that you do, and he shakes his head or nods. Please, if you'll have some method to start speech, don't forget to write it to me :))))))))

Heather said...

Caleb started babbling at 3 and was 'talking' by 4. Nobody could understand him except me. I was the interpreter and still am. He is 10 now and never stops talking. He is still hard to understand sometimes.
I am assuming you have had his ears checked.?? Not one of the pediatrician hearing tests, a real audiologist hearing test. As long as his hearing is fine, I'm sure he will talk on his own time. At least that is how Caleb works. Niko's a cutie :)

Tara said...

Payton started speaking single words at age 3. At age 4 we are seeing huge changes - she still has trouble communicating certain needs and wants (like, for instance, she won't tell me she's hungry - she just throws a huge fit and expects me to guess she wants food????)....but at age four our life seems much easier.

Katie said...

I cant really answer this cause im not a 'Williams mom' but Jai started talking a bit at 3, now at 4 1/2 he is talking well and is mostly understandable.
Have you done any sign language?
Some people i know swear by it - although i know you are supposed to be careful to say the word aswell as sign it or they can get lazy and not bother trying to speak.
Good luck :)

Amy said...

At 3 Avery is saying words only, a very limited vocab. My hope is more real talking by end of summer. But at least I am understanding SOME of her wants and needs. SHe used to just point at the fridge and yell THAT!!! Now at least she can say a few of her favorite things like: cheese, pop, smoky (for link), fry, mo for milk. But yes, 5 is quite late for a WS child, but you know the drill...all you can do is wait until they get it in their own time. Thankfully Niko sounds like he is getting his point across in other ways. Hang in there toots.

Every minute counts.... said...

I have been out of the blogger loop, Abi had surgery last week. Wow, have you been busy at your house!
First off Happy belated 5th Birthdya to Niko! And that really stinks that he broke his leg so badly!
I can say that the talking did come full force with Abi at around age 4...BUT she is a girl and girls tend to talk before boys in the general population anyway. Plus, there is what I understand her to say and what no one else seems to understand, so maybe her talking well is relative to who is hearing it:) I do think that 5 for boys with WS is not that far off the mark but I could be totally wrong. I have a friend who has a 5yr old son with WS and he is quite hard for me to understand but his mom understands what he says just fine. It is very frustrating when you are playing the " try to figure out what I want game".
I hope that he heals quickly!