Friday, May 02, 2008

Regarding Said Mass Email

Do I really feel as lighthearted and under control as I sounded in that email? No. Of course I don't. But those details aren't meant for everyone.


Ketchesons said...

Happy Birthday Nikko!
and sorry about your leg:-( so typical of a boy,I now understand why Dave only wants girls. Although Elena broke her arm at 6 months.
I just read your post about not being wanted. I have to say that I cried as I read it, I don't think that they have stopped to think how bless they are to be around Nikko. I remember holding him in nursery before he could walk, I remember him biting me and I wonder why he would do that to me, since I'm the one who cares for him for two hours? At that moment the spirit spoke to me and told me to find the blessings from being around such a special child of the lord. I went home and thought about how much he taught me every Sunday I was with him. I could see blessings and new qualities within me and they were all thanks to Nikko.
I miss him dearly and I wish I was there to hold you.

Elise Jones said...

Mercedes - I'm so glad you decided to include your 7th Ward discussion group friends on your mass email. I've just had a great time catching up with you via your blog and can SO relate to the struggles of moving and being in a new place. Other things I cannot relate to directly though I appreciate and feel for your struggle. My prayers are with you in this latest round of challenges. Best wishes and God bless!