Friday, May 30, 2008

Niko Has Wheels

This month has been straight out of the Twilight Zone. For instance, we have one debit card that we weren't forced to cancel...and today we lost it in the mall. So we ran right home to cancel it. At least we were laughing, and I can see how bizarre it really is. "Remember the great May catastrophe of 2008?" we'll say. And shudder.
Thank goodness it's almost June.


Laura Oler said...

These are great pictures of your kids. Niko looks so happy, and Nina is just adorable. And I LOVE the picture of you with black hair. You look great, and it's also a fabulous pose.

Katie said...

Oh no! When it rains it pours...
You have the most adorable kids in the world :)
Love the pic of your hair too - you look fabulous!