Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh, gosh.

I walked into the IEP and was stunned to find that the main person that I wanted to talk to wasn't there. Oh, come on! Can't we finally iron this out?

I talked to his teacher, who said, "Oh no! That isn't what we meant at all!" She, too, seemed a little taken back by the way that the whole thing played out, which was a relief. She is a kind, wonderful woman who has worked very hard with my son. He's enamored with her face, and I was loathe to think that somehow there had been a paradigm shift that put her on "the other side". What a relief to confirm that she is who she always has been, an advocate for Niko.

They could see how it appeared to me, though, and that is also a relief. The woman I had the most trouble with tends to come across poorly, they said, but she really isn't that way. I am very much hoping that when I talk to her, things will resolve. Without bloodshed. I have been ready to make heads roll, but my anger is quick to diffuse if I see that they're making an effort.

In other news, this was the most positive IEP ever. Niko has been doing well, and it was nice to hear that for once. Such a good kid, he deserves some good things in his life.

So the end result is that the IEP was a success. You might hear some tired cheering in the background. That would be me.


Andrea said...


Julie said...

I am so glad to hear it. I am glad you guys have someone there on your side.

Nancy said...

Yay! Happy to hear it went well.

I plan on wearing brown lipstick to our next IEP. It brings out the bitch in me somehow, and I need the extra strength/courage.

Amy said...

Excellent. Have a superb week! I like the new tunes!

Every minute counts.... said...

glad things went better than expected! You deserved a break after all that you guys have been through.


Jeffy said...

I agree with you Sade! Niko is such a good kid. I just love him. He can always make me smile and laugh! I'm so happy he's in our family. You and Luke do such a great job with your family! It was good to see you on Sunday. Hope Nina is feeling better.