Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boot Casting and Wondertoonel

Journal Entry January 31, 2005

Today at Niko's school, he had his feet cast for his new orthopedic corrective boots. It scared him, of course. Being restrained always does, since I think he associates it with those blasted blood tests where they miss his veins and stab him again and again and again and again. Anyway, he was scared, but I brought Cookie Monster to comfort him, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to stuff in his mouth whenever he opened it to yell. All in all, we survived the half-hour relatively unscathed, although we cut classes short and ran screaming from the building.

Marilyn, Jason, Luke, Niko and I went to the museum the other day to see Mark Ryden's "Wondertoonel" exhibit. How totally wonderful and totally bizarre. Niko has sprouted a mawful of sharklike teeth and can now eat graham crackers...what a thrill! I wrote a poem sparked by a conversation that Marilyn and I had as we walked around Green Lake. It's called, "The note pinned to my son's back." I like it.

I'm crazy tired. I want to lie on the carpet and sleep. Niko, of course, is perky. Which I, of course, should be grateful for.

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