Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Time Out For Me

Journal Entry May 23, 2005

I wrote a poem two days ago. I worked on the blog. I found my old "Scent of Gravity" notes and want to turn it into a short story, maybe possibly expand it later. I am on freakin' fire!

The adrenaline, the twitchiness, the crabbiness until I'm a caffeine rush at 3:00 AM. I'd flippin' forgot this feeling!

Luke and Nikolai are probably both snoozing away at Ensign Ranch. I, myself, had a fabulous night, despite being perturbed at being stranded without a car on my ONE NIGHT A YEAR!!! Grrrrr....sigh. Anyway, Marilyn picked me up and we watched "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". The she fell asleep on the couch and Jason dropped me off at home. I've been roaming around for hours now, and it is so very nice to be alone.

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