Tuesday, October 07, 2008

But He's a Pretty Rottweiler.

Niko is currently studying for the GRE. He's lying on his stomach and flipping the pages while Nina naps. I'm making stew and homemade rolls for tonight, because I'm awesome like that. Sometimes. :P

Niko's been headbutting his little seat buddy on the bus, and his driver asked if I could get a bus aid into his IEP. Otherwise she'll have to separate him from the rest of the kids, and she really doesn't want to do that. I find that very compassionate of her, and I'll definitely look into that.

I was just out petting the neighborhood rottweiler and broke into hives. Other than that, it's a peaceful day.

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Janyece said...

Did you know you were allergic? Maybe it was something that dog was rolling in... You've never broken into hives before have you?