Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just Life

We had our first official family picture. "Take it fast," we told the photographer, "our children are going to fall apart."

"Have more faith in me," she said. That won my heart, quiet honestly, the sweet, determined, naive thing.

Niko went absolutely haywire. She got one shot, I kid you not. One shot. Then Luke scooped him up and carried him outside to console him. Thankfully, it was a pretty decent shot. Luke, Nina, and I were looking equal parts happy and wry. Niko was tearfully chewing on his fingers.

"We'll take it," I said.

The photographer eyed it. "I can ask them to take the tears out."

"Keep them," I said, and smiled at her. "This is him. This is us. This is just life."


Janyece said...

Scan and send me a copy please! I would love an updated family picture. Give the kids a huge hug from me. Love you!

Every minute counts.... said...

The pictures of the real family are someof my favorites. I had one picture taken of Abi soon after heart surgery and the scare on her neck form life support and the one on her chest were very much visable because they were still healing, the photographer said " we can take those out" I said "after all that she has been through, you better not! They are a reminder of how precious life is, don't you dare air brush them out!" They kind of looked at me strangely but they just don't get it.
I hope you post a copy, I for one bet it is a beautiful picture!!

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

I just took Ava Jewel for her picture too! I hope you share the picture with us!