Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I voted!

We voted last night. I can't think of a better activity for Family Home Evening. What a horrible election! It's been dark, dirty, and they've been terrible examples, for shame. And now you shall never hear me speak of the election again, because it's been a bane. A nasty, ceaseless, soul-sucking bane. That is all.

Niko has been following basic instructions lately, and has been so much more vocal. He's making a rhythmic hooting sound that I think is his version of singing. He's going to be an astronaut for Halloween, and Nina is going to be a fairy. We'll spend it out of town, because Pyper's getting hitched! Also, Halloween is when "Ray the Vampire" comes out on Flash Fiction Online. They have an amazing illustration that will be running with it, and I have permission to post it here after it runs in the magazine. I think that it's really beautiful.

Janyece and I were having a conversation about our preferred weapons of choice. (I know, but it's for a story that I'm working on. Really!) I'm more of a bludgeoner, myself, but Jan would sit in a tree and shoot people with a bow and arrow. So be forewarned.

Speaking of weapons, I have a piece coming out on Six Sentences tomorrow. I love that site, and stop by every few days because the pieces are short, sweet, and very diverse. It's so worth checking out.


Janyece said...

Nisa and her arrows sitting in a tree K I L L I N G! Ummm... For a story! Yeah! ;)

Nancy said...

How timely. I thought of you as I read Stephen King's Everything's Eventual collection of short stories. They are really VERY good. And lots of weapons. I want to play, too! Maybe I will.

P.S. I prefer poison myself. Or strangling. Much more personal.

Mrs. Cheeseball said...