Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a Celebration!

Well, it's official! I'm a Motorcycle Mama. Only...without a motorcycle. But I'll do some looking around and see what I can come up with. And if any of you have any fabulous, midsized bikes in good condition that you'd like to sell...

So. I can weave around cones. I can stop quickly. I can swerve to avoid hitting things and I can run over a 2x4 in the road. (Which is awesome!) Most importantly, I did something that I always wanted to do, something intimidating and scary, and I accomplished it. Rock on! By myself? Not a chance. Luke had to rent a car because I had our car all day, every day. St. June not only watched my kids for days, but said children had the flu. Luke and I caught it, too, and I had horrible nightmares of throwing up in my full-face helmet, but thankfully, all went well on that front.

I think my first humor article will be about this class. It should be out next week. This is also intimidating and scary, but that's been my New Year's Resolution for two years now: Do Things That Scare Me. And Ride More Shopping Carts. I'll link you when it comes out.

Nina is upset because it's nap time. Niko's upset because I took the golf balls out of the dryer. I'm an animal! A tyrant! How could I ever be so cruel?

Good news on the writing front, too! I'm really excited! Pop on over to if you're interested. I really had a lot to say. :)

When Luke gets home? We're all going for peppermint ice cream. Oh, yes. It's a celebration.


Ketchesons said...

Congratulations!!! you do

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Well done motorcycle mama! Congrats.

Janyece said...

I am celebrating clear over hear for you by having donuts for breakfast! (Yeah, I'm a great mom...) But it's a celebration, right?? I'm so glad you can drive motorcycles now. I always loved riding as a kid! Way to conquer your fear!

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

*sung to the birthday song tune*

You're my hero today!
You're my hero today!
You're my hero, dear Sadie!
You're my hero today!