Monday, October 06, 2008

Take Care of Yourselves...and Each Other

Niko was so excited for the bus today, jumping and flipping his hands in excitement. Which is such a relief to me. Nina's teething (again. Still. Forever.) and is fussy and sad, and I've had a consitant string of writing going lately. Hopefully this will tide me over for those times when I can't so much as write my name.

So this was my take on General Conference in a nutshell: Yes, these are hard times. Take care of each other and choose joy. There were a lot of messages, but that's what resonated with me. And you know what? I can do that. What an uplifting thought.

Next, let's speak about Demonic Tome! It came out today, and I really struggled with my story. Check out "Thus Sayeth the Devil" by Dawn Allison (rock on, Dawn!) and mine is "Forbidden Grand". I put this disclaimer up on my writing site, but in case there's any question in your minds, Demonic Tome is a horror site. Keep that in mind, if you so choose to go exploring. And enjoy!

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Janyece said...

There is usually a theme from conference, don't you think? This one was harder for me to pick up on, but after pondering a bit, that's what I came away thinking it was too. We live in perilous times but we can still have joy if we live the commandments and serve others.